Insurance is confusing, get a professional to help.

Susan will help you navigate through the confusing maze of insurance, will shop the market for the best deals, and help you decide on the best product for your needs. 

Insurance Brokers give you more choices and better prices.

Susan is a Licensed Insurance Broker.  Brokers represent multiple companies and are not captive to any one.  She is considered an independent agent for each company she represents. This freedom allows Susan to work for you without favoritism. Compensation is paid by the insurance carrier and free of charge to the consumer for the service.  Susan will bring you value by saving time, money and energy shopping for affordable insurance policies. 


Confused about which Medicare Plan to Choose?

Seniors who are just turning 65 and those who are already on Medicare have an overwhelming number of plans and companies to choose from  Most people don’t fully understand their options.  How are you going to choose the right one?

Schedule an appointment to discuss your Medicare options, Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, switching plans, plan eligibility, and more.  

Individual Health Insurance

In todays market, good, affordable health insurance is often unavailable. 

Maybe you have insurance but would like something to fill in the gaps made by high deductables. 

Thre are insurance options and Obamacare alternatives that will help provide you and your family health  insurance benefits you can afford.

Final Expense Insurance

Did you know that an average funeral costs over $8,300?  Social Security only pays a $255 lump sum death benefit to your surviving spouse and children? 

 Final Expense Insurance can help your family cover these costs

Plan right today, ease the burden of tomorrow.


Whether you are looking for a foundation for wealth accumulation, a way to provide lifetime income, wealth transfer, or to protect your retirement nest egg, Susan can recommend a product that will fit your needs.

An annuity is a fixed sum of money paid to someone each year, typically for the rest of their life.